Welcome to OpenGrounds!

As this is the first blog post of the 2015-2016 school year, your blog writer would like to introduce herself! I am Angie, a fourth year architecture student who has been an OpenGrounds intern for about two years. Though I study architecture, I find pretty much every field interesting, from mathematics to the arts. With my appreciation for seemingly disparate subjects comes my admiration at the shear breadth of projects, talks, and performances that have come through the corner studio over the time I have been here. But with this wide range of events comes the very important question…

What exactly IS OpenGrounds?

I, and all of the interns, have been asked this question so many times. This question comes from a wide range of people, from people visiting for the first time, to the regulars who uses OpenHours instead of Club Clem.

To begin, as with many UVa things, you’ve got to learn some lingo:

Corner Studio: space on the corner that defines the physical place of OpenGrounds

OpenHours: time during the week when you or a group can come and work in a relaxed (but not silent) environment …also did I mention we have free coffee? We also have large touch-screen monitors, projectors, whiteboard walls, and of course, helpful and cheery interns!

Now that you have the basics, here are some of the regular events hosted at the Corner Studio:

ScienceStraightUp: the talk this week was on 3D BIOPRINTERS! This series addresses topics that have to do with practice and profession of science

IDEAmixer: local cville residents + students + faculty all present projects rapid-fire to see what everyone’s working on as well as network!

Open Mic Nights: a time to release the weekly stress of school and let loose with friends old and new alike

There are also MANY other events that happen every week at the space that are hosted by everyone from CIOs to Cville’s own, creating a fabric of different people and projects that transform the space day in and day out. Just check out our calendar!

As all of us race to foster these events, it is important for us interns to remember that we are ALSO part of OpenGrounds. The interns help create, run, and document events at the corner studio as well as around grounds. We are all students, so if you are an underclassman feel free to apply at the end and/or beginning of the year to join a diverse and passionate group of your peers.

OpenGrounds is hard to define, but that’s what makes it so special. Sometimes the categorization of things can limit the possibilities of what you can create, and at OG we allow you to diverge from how things are usually done. The knowledge most critical to doing better work could be something outside of your field, and the exposure to diversity offered by OG has the ability to make your studies even more rich and worthwhile.

The world is changing, and a tech-savvy space that is truly multi-disciplinary and yes, open, is a symbol that UVa can still be a place of history without getting stuck in the past.

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