OpenGrounds Holds IDEAmixer event

On Thursday, January 22, OpenGrounds held its first IDEAmixer, an eventful evening comprising of short presentations of projects, research, art, and business ideas from across the Grounds. The series of one-minute pitch-style presentations was followed by a social hour over refreshments and music. Curated by UVA’s unpredictable David Touve, the evening personified OpenGrounds’ very mission by bringing people from varying and unrelated backgrounds to discuss interesting, remarkable ideas.

Among those pitching were local community members, Law, Darden, and undergraduate students. The purpose of the event was to bring together the creative ideas that are constantly being discussed in classes and organizations across Grounds. Because of the context of these ideas, many of us are unaware of these ideas and cannot find time to attend multiple events that extend beyond our immediate field of study and interests. IDEAmixer aims to create a monthly space for sharing these IDEAs and making novel connections between them. With the opening of the new expansion to OpenGrounds, these events should be able to accomodate more people and facilitate more breakout sessions in different rooms following the pitches. We look forward to seeing you at future OpenGrounds events and IDEAmixers!

Get involved!

If you have an impactful idea and you are seeking partnerships, feedback, mentorship, or visibility, IDEAmixer is the place to share it to a group of students, faculty members, and other creative thinkers. Sign up here.

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