Leadership 2000 at OpenGrounds

Leadership 2000 is an intensive one-week training program for the leaders of many University-wide organizations, held at the beginning of each summer. Leaders from CIO’s and special status organizations came together in May to work on developing different skills and leadership styles to better lead the members of their respective groups. The program topics and activities vary by year, but have in the past included: case studies in leadership; effective and ethical decision-making; diversity; exemplary leadership; delegation; motivation and empowerment; facilitation; and setting priorities.

Student leaders usually get to their positions by being active, committed and willing to make a positive difference, but few have had any formal leadership training. The Leadership 2000 program focuses on empowering and developing the current and future leaders of various student organizations. The students who participate are encouraged to think objectively about their leadership experiences and how they may help to enhance and even define their future career aspirations.


This year, the Leadership 2000 week included a dinner at OpenGrounds,  with remarks from Bill Sherman, Founding Director of OpenGrounds and Tom Skalak, UVA’s Vice President for Research. Both made spoke about leadership as a choice – some leaders are fortunate to be in a position to lead positively but chose not to, or they may be too busy to do so. Those who do impact positive change are the ones who are usually aware of the responsibility they have been given and have a plan to use it positively.

In addition to being a host to various leaders on Grounds, OpenGrounds got to introduce itself and its mission to these leaders, who in turn are now likely to introduce and make use of it with their members. This would hopefully stir the amount of “colliding of atoms” between different groups that otherwise would not get the chance to meet and work with each other.

OpenGrounds is proud to have hosted a portion of Leadership 2K this year and aims to support student leaders and their organizations as they assume the major responsibilities associated with self-governance by having its space available for their use.


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