Enter: Transduction Reception

photo 1

On Tuesday April 15, OpenGrounds hosted the culmination of the past semester’s Transduction Series, a program that included lectures, discussions, and courses focused on “the role of signals, interactive media, and human interfaces in facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and fostering creativity.” During the course of the past semester, the Transduction course, using OpenGrounds as a space to host speakers for Open Table discussions with the community, has brought in a number of esteemed academics and groundbreaking thinkers, including Tae Hong Park and Jason Kelly Johnson, to discuss how we can transform thought processes across a variety of disciplines. The goal of the course was to reevaluate how students and faculty across a variety of disciplines can come together to both create new collaborative ideas and repurpose previously existing ones.

photo 4

The opening event of the display Enter: Transduction exhibit on Tuesday included artwork, foods, and visual displays of the interconnections between the variety of lecturers that were part of the series. Going along with the theme of revolutionizing previously existing methods, the event included a sampling of the ‘Miracle Berry,’ a berry that alters the taste buds’ sour receptors, causing typically tart tasting lemons to taste like lemonade. Students and faculty also displayed a video discussing their experiences with the Transduction course.


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