Public Reading – A Sense of Place: Perceptions of Coastal Virginia

In the spirit of supporting cross-disciplinary approaches to scholarship, OpenGrounds hosted a public reading of short essays and poems written by students of Professors Arthur Schwarzschild and Hannah Rogers of the Department of Environmental Science’s J-Term course, entitled “A Sense of Place: Perceptions of Coastal Ecosystems and the Written Word.”

This course, which was hosted by the U.Va. Anheuser-Busch Coastal Research Center, provided engineering students in the Science, Technology, and Society department in the Engineering school at UVA the opportunity to read well-known nature writers while visiting natural areas along the Eastern Shore. The collaboration between the humanities and the sciences inspired by this course perfectly aligns with OpenGrounds’ collaborative atmosphere.

During the course, students composed their own pieces of prose and poetry about the natural environments that they visited, and on Monday, they shared these pieces with the UVA community. During the public reading, Professor Schwarzschild shared his personal experiences with the Eastern Shore and Professor Rogers further detailed the structure of the J-Term course. In collaboration with this event, paintings of animals and plants native to the Eastern Shore painted by Michael Garstang, Professor of Environmental Science and Artist-in-Residence the ABCRC, will be on display at Brown Library in Clark Hall.

Painting by Mike Garstang

Painting by Michael Garstang

More broadly, the U.Va. Anheuser-Busch Coastal Research Center (ABCRC)  provides facilities to support a wide variety of research activities in the coastal bays, salt marshes and barrier islands of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. With a field station located on the Eastern Shore for faculty and students, the ABCRC is an external resource that the university community can use in order to further research and investigation in the field of environmental science.


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