OpenGrounds Hosts Kendra Emery Concert

On Friday March 21st, OpenGrounds hosted a concert for Kendra Emery, a musician who incorporates singing, the saxophone and a loop station into her projects. The concert consisted of two singer/song writers from O-Records at UVA who opened and closed for Kendra, using material they worked on during their music careers while at UVA.

Kendra plays the tenor sax, sings and mans a boss rc-300 loop station — all at the same time — to create an eclectic set composed of contemporary classical pieces, her original arrangements and songs.

The show consisted of Kendra using myriad instruments to create a unique effect and harmony. In addition to using a loop pedal, she incorporated her voice and the saxophone into the piece. The sound of the saxophone created the illusion that different reed instruments were being used simultaneously. While unconventional, such a layered composition adds a unique edge to Kendra’s music.

Following Kendra’s performance, Aryn Frazier, a UVA undergraduate sutudent, performed the closing act that consister of a few original pieces that incorporated storytelling and vocals.

O-Records is a student-run record label at UVA. The group is comprised of musicians, songwriters, producers, and rappers that make music and others who manage the music and the label.

OpenGrounds encourages the kind of collaboration that O-Records has been doing since the group was started — it takes a variety of resources to produce and market music, especially by students with busy schedules.

Stay in touch with O-Records on Facebook and keep an eye on other music and art-related events coming up at UVA here.


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