OpenGrounds Hosts CGH Case Competition Open Table

On Tuesday the 25th, OpenGronds and the Center for Global Health held an Open Table to discuss this week’s CGH Case Competition. Organized by second-year undergraduate student Sreemoyee Som, the Open Table was designed to bring together people from different backgrounds, majors, and departments to discuss pressing matters regarding the case.

Once together, participants had the opportunity to discuss key issues of the case and arrange for future meetings. These kinds of brainstorming sessions are imperative to the success of projects like this one.


The UVA Global Health Case Competition is a student-run initiative that offers both graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to engage with a real world medical research environment that is both competitive and research-based. The goal is both to come up with solutions to some of the most pressing problem in the Third World and in the global health field.

Written by students, the CGH case is sure to encompass elements that are relevant to the interests and fields of study of its participants. This intersection between interesting, real-world matters and scientific research is bound to result in a valuable learning experience for those involved.

This year’s case involves topics such as health care policy, infectious disease, public health feasibility and evaluation, public-private partnerships, faith and cultural understanding, and international law to develop innovative solutions for current, critical global health issues.

At the Open Table, students discussed the issue of Syrian refugees pouring into neighboring Jordan and how certain humanitarian groups could do a better job helping the refugees to adapt and to stay healthy while living in camps.

The 2014 Global Health Case Competition will be held on Saturday March 1st, from 12:00 – 7:00 PM in Nau & Gibson Halls. 

Fore more information, visit


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