First Annual Arts Scholars Showcase

Arts Scholars

On Sunday, November 24th, OpenGrounds hosted the First Annual Arts Scholars Showcase, an event that highlighted the achievements of the Arts Scholars at U.Va. This group is comprised of a small number of undergraduates “who have increased access to resources in the arts at U.Va,” and the resulting showcase presented by these scholars included work from a number of artistic disciplines, including theatre, photography, and dance. Through support from the U.Va. community, the Arts Scholars were able to curate their first public showcase, one that emphasized the achievement of this unique group of students.

The night began with a display of studio art, including paintings, photography, and a video instillation. After a short reception, Arts Scholars presented various performances, including musical pieces, various forms of dance, music videos, and short excerpts from pieces of theater. Throughout the showcase, the audience was able to interact with the performers on a personal level, increasing in-depth understanding of the challenging pieces presented.

The First Annual Arts Scholars Showcase presented a perfect opportunity for OpenGrounds to connect with the larger artistic community at U.Va. By providing a space for artistic performances and gallery displays, OpenGrounds has been able to promote and nurture artists on grounds, regardless of their preferred medium.

OpenGrounds looks forward to collaborating with the Arts Scholars, as well as other arts organizations (like Spectrum Theatre and O-Records) in the future to provide unique and collaborative experiences for students, faculty, and community members from different disciplines within the realms of art.


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