O-Records Releases Latest Album at OpenGrounds


O-Records is a student-run record label at UVA. The group is comprised of musicians, songwriters, producers, and rappers that make music and others who manage the music and the label.

Earlier in November, O-Records released their latest album, titled “The Mixtape: 2013” at an event at OpenGrounds. There was a great turnout of friends and fans who listened to a few sets from the album and a few acoustic sets.

The group itself is far from homogeneous- it is made up of students representing many UVA schools and majors and brings people together under the premise of producing great music. As the year progresses, O-records holds a series of concerts at local venues and student events- ranging from UPC to Para Coffee. This encourages the group’s musicians to work towards certain goals  that they will have to showcase throughout the semester. The concert series is then followed by an end-of-year showcase, where musicians show what they have accomplished throughout the year.

OpenGrounds encourages the kind of collaboration that O-Records has been doing since the group was started- it takes a variety of resources to produce and market music, especially by students with busy schedules.

Keep in touch with O-Records on Facebook and look out for their end-of-year showcase in the coming weeks.


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