National Innovation Summit for Arts & Culture

October 18, 2013

ArtsFwd is an organization that brings together cultural leaders and community members through events in order to foster dialogues about important issues that face their communities.

From October 20 – 23, ArtsFwd is hosting a summit in Colorado to explore the challenges, discoveries, and achievements of daring to depart from traditional approaches. To create awareness about the event in Charlottesville, OpenGrounds,Piedmont Council for the Arts (PCA), and local dancer and artist Katie Schetlick have teamed up to promote and virtually participate in the summit from Charlottesville.

We hope to encourage people in Charlottesville to tune in and contribute to a conversation, using the content of the Summit as a starting point, about our own art practices and methods of organizing in Charlottesville.

The virtual summit will enable participants from around the world to experience and contribute to the discussions that follow from anywhere via livestream. OpenGrounds encourages you to join the conversation onTwitter and other social platforms using the hashtags #ArtsFwd and #ArtsSummitCville.

In our hyper-connected world, it is imperative to have a continuous dialogue about what place the arts have in society—at both the local and international levels. At the end of the day, art is famously said to be “what makes us human.” Discussing the ways in which the arts affect our daily lives is a great starting point to better use the arts to create and contribute to a larger community.

 This event, along with future virtual involvement in other nationwide summits, hopes to empower people contribute at both the local and national levels to conversations about arts and innovation.

We hope you can be part of the event.

Each Talk series will be archived and made available to stream on ArtsFwd after the Summit ends. All Virtual Summit participants will be emailed with a link to the archived Talk series once they are posted. Click here to register!



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